Our Team

We are delighted to welcome you!

Here we introduce some of the people who are part of the Solutio team. Extraordinary people for extraordinary times.

Sergio López Acosta
Sergio López AcostaCEO
Antonio Pérez Cama
Antonio Pérez CamaSales & Marketing Director
Raúl Fuertes González
Raúl Fuertes GonzálezCOO
Raúl Llorente Palomares
Raúl Llorente PalomaresHuman Resources Director
Laura Díaz Cecilia
Laura Díaz CeciliaCulture & People Experience Director

double life.

It’s not just about having fun working, we also know how to have a good time outside the office.



Interested in joining us??

We’re looking for people with Talent, people like YOU to join and benefit from what our company has to offer – people who are passionate about technology, goal-orientated, committed to their work, aware of their responsibility and enjoy working in collaborative environments.

’Having the opportunity to work professionally at what you’ve always wanted is a goal that we all aspire to, so there’s nothing like the feeling you get from knowing that you’re working in exactly the right place. Solutio has a very friendly environment, a fabulous team and a clear focus on the future geared towards continuous change and improvement, and always with the best people.

I’m lucky to be part of the Solutio experience… And I love it!’

Anabel Vicaria Nieves